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​Working to Develop Safer & More Effective Medications for Everyone

Today’s Research for a Healthy Tomorrow

Have you ever wondered how the medications you take get from the planning stages to your local pharmacy?

Every medication and device available in the United States has to go through clinical trials to prove safety and efficacy in order to obtain FDA approval before it can be marketed. Eclipse Clinical Research in Tucson, Arizona partners with research and development companies in the US and around the world to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of these medications and devices.

Eclipse strives to provide exceptional care to all of our patients in a friendly and informative environment. We understand that every person is an individual, and work hard to ensure that every participant has a pleasant and positive experience.

Our utmost concern is the safety of our patients. Prior to study entry, all of our patients go through a rigorous screening process, to make sure that there are no underlying medical conditions or medications that would jeopardize their health by participating in a study. We also encourage all patients to discuss the study with their personal physician and allow us to communicate with them throughout the study process.

All clinical trials rely on people, like you, to volunteer as research participants. This volunteer status holds for the duration of study participation, and means a participant can stop at any time for any reason throughout the study process.

Volunteering in a clinical trial allows regular people to participate in innovative and often cutting edge medical science with the potential to relieve suffering, prevent infection, or even cure disease. Without volunteers, there is no way to get new treatments, procedures, or medical devices to the market place where they will benefit people who need them. 

We Can’t Do This Without You

We are always looking for volunteers to participate in our studies. There is no cost to participate. We do not accept insurance and do not change for study medications or any study-related exams or procedures. In addition to the medical care provided through study participation, patients may be compensated for their time and travel. Please check out the FAQ page for more information about participating. 

All studies have different qualification criteria. Please go to our Open Studies page to see if we have a study that you might qualify for. We get new studies on a regular basis. Please take a look at what we have in our upcoming studies section and keep yourself updated for interesting new insights.

If you have a medical condition that isn’t listed, but you would like to see a study for, please contact us.

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